Why Getting A Big Is The Best. Thing. Ever.

“The day of big little reveal can be compared to the night before Christmas. A certain expectation fills the air, chalk covers the ground, and love fills the heart of every big and little. Some Littles may be tricked, fooled, bamboozled out of their right mind. Who could their big be?! They have no idea what waits for them upon entrance into their new home tonight. Like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning little’s are full of pure joy and excitement for this new thing people have been raving about…A BIG. Who is my big? What will my big be like? Will we be close? Does she love me? Will she help me get through life? No worries little ones a big will do all this and more. Your Big is your person. She will be a guiding mentor on the days when you fail a test. A mother when you’re feeling deathly ill. A best friend when you need someone to go to dinner with. A sounding board, the person you’ll laugh and cry with over the years.

So now that we’ve established that this day is a college girl’s equivalent to the night before Christmas, make sure if you are that girl that you slow down today. Soak in the feeling of excitement and anticipation. Even though you’re counting down the hours and minutes today will go by fast. Your big will be here before you know it. Time will fly by and before you know it years with your big will have come and gone. Take it from a senior who has had the most perfect big; the past three years with her flew by, and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful (inside and out) person to be the guiding light in my life.

But now is your time…your day….so live it up. Hug your BIG and just know you are embracing one of the best things that has ever happened to you.”

-Katelyn Alexander, PC ’12


Why Sororities Are My Thing

gabriela-bid-day“I was one of the girls who said that “sororities aren’t my thing”. I believed all the stereotypical things about sororities, and was convinced that I would not fit in with any sorority. However, ever since my recruitment trip to Centenary College, I felt like I fit right in with these amazing girls that I had met, not knowing that they were your so called “sorority girls”. The girls from Zeta Tau Alpha accepted me, they welcomed me, they taught me what true sisterhood was like even before I became their sister. They showed me that even if sororities weren’t really “my thing” that they would still be my friends throughout my life. This meant a lot to me knowing that I had people who would be there for me, and believe in me while I was so far away from home.

From the first night of rush, I noticed how much every single girl in Zeta Tau Alpha cared for each other when a video was shown where it was announced that one of their current sister’s Aunt had cancer. Every single girl seemed to rally around this one sister and seemed to truly care, their love brought tears to my eyes because I knew how hard it was having a relative be diagnosed with breast cancer. This experience, among many others, taught me that Zeta Tau Alpha is not just your ordinary sorority. It’s a sorority where you meet sisters who are true advocates for breast cancer awareness, sisters who will push you to be the best possible you, sisters who believe in you, care for you, and will never leave you. I’m truly happy that I found out that sororities are in fact my thing.”

– Gabriela Giamalva, PC ’14

Why ZTA Is Forever

Jamie-blog-post“Imagining my college years without Zeta Tau Alpha is physically and emotionally impossible and not just because of the obvious reasons you would think about immediately. Of course I’ve met my amazing best friends and the greatest support system I could ask for in my life. I have met women in this chapter who have inspired myself and their own selves to be better, to do better, and to strive to uphold the values of our creed. I’ve also come to rely on these ladies for more than just the friends I need to make me laugh (which happens a lot, trust me), or the ones to cheer me up when I’m feeling down, but these are the women who wake up each morning with the determination to make an impact on the lives and hearts of those they touch and the people they meet. And yes, that drive is absolutely contagious in the best of ways!

I can honestly say that this chapter and my sisters have done more then that for me over these past few years. They’ve helped shape who I am today and they’ve helped turn me into a ZTA woman that I never imagined I could be a few years ago. I’ve grown into a concerned and passionate leader with a heart full of love and happiness for my sisterhood. And while it’s bittersweet to know that this is my last year as a collegiate ZTA, I smile looking back on all of the memories I’ve made in this chapter knowing good and well that even after I graduate, I can always cherish what I have with my sisters and know that ZTA truly is forever.”

– Jamie Wright, PC ’12

Welcome to the Blog

HeadshotAs a Communications major, I am all over all things having to do with my field. One thing that I’ve wanted to do since I’ve been on EC (two years now) is start a blog. So when I was named Historian, I was more than just excited. We have so many great girls that are doing these amazing things in our community, and I’ve never felt like an Instagram post was enough to tell their story.

This is a project that I’ve put a lot of time and love into, and I have a dream that this will live on as a digital story-telling tool. When I was a freshman, I looked up to the seniors; I wanted to be as intelligent and driven as they were. And I want the future women of this chapter to feel the same reverence and awe that I did, looking up at those seniors sitting on the couch. I hope this blog accomplishes all of that and more.

So, welcome to the blog.